Our Focus

AGA Florida

Bradenton & Sarasota Chapter

  • AGA focuses on the struggle so many grandparents have in being a part of their grandchildren's lives.  In our group, grandparents will remain anonymous so that everyone will feel free to openly share their feelings and perceptions.
  • AGA offers support, understanding and helps to validate the feelings of those dealing with the issues of alienation.
  • AGA will provide an exchange of information and a sharing of experiences.
  • AGA will work toward bringing alienated grandparents, parents and grandchildren together.
  • Raise Awareness, nationally and internationally on the epidemic of grandparent alienation.
  • Provide Research and Study of grandparents experiencing alienation.
  • Alienation is willful. It is epidemic affecting families and has no socioeconomic boundary.
  • Abuse tends to escalate without the grandparent making sense of what is occurring, perhaps with the use of subtle or unconscious programming.
  • Alienation keeps you from, or severely limits, your ability to talk or visit with your grandchildren - with or without informing you of reasons.
  • Discussions on ways to diffuse the situation with the parents.  Because we have deep love for our adult children and grandchildren, we may tend to allow abuse to continue or otherwise walk away.